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"Big Data is not about the data, but the analytics that drive actionable information and insights."
James Francis, President and CEO

Technology.  Discipline.  Innovation.


Why Data-Driven Investing?

-  Human intuition enhanced by machine learning

-  Diverse and dynamic self-calibrating process

-  More consistent Alpha discovery & delivery

Technology often exists for many years before being widely embraced simply because it requires vision, commitment and courage to break free from established paradigms.


Since 1990, well before the ubiquity of today's data science methods, we recognized the power of leveraging data and technology to build and manage dynamic domestic and international portfolios.

Our proprietary data-driven approach to investing represents a  modern way to better meet investors needs, as we challenge much of the conventional wisdom about alpha generations and portfolio management.

Diversity Statement

As one of the nation's oldest WMBE asset managers, we are fully committed to racial, gender, LGBTQ, disability and ethnic diversity and equity.

James Francis 2 PS.jpg

James Francis, Founder, President & CEO

Jeff Marcus pic.jpg

Jeffrey Marcus, Partner & Senior Portfolio Manager


Gregory Pai, Partner & Managing Director


Chaoxie Liu, Quantitative Research Analyst

Odalisse Sosa 2.jpg

Odalisse Sosa, Partner & Chief Administrative Officer

Jarius DeWalt ps.jpg

Jarius DeWalt, Chief Strategist


Alpha Through a Data Science Approach​

-  Curated data: 1B+ data points spanning 30+ years

-  Insights on 55,000 global securities

-  Leverages artificial intelligence & machine learning 

-  Supports bottom-up and top-down analysis

-  Accommodates ESG & highly restrictive mandates

Active Management Market Data

Products & Solutions

Paradigm Asset Management’s products invest across 32 domestic and international markets, including 22 developed markets and 10 emerging markets.  


Our expansive global database and highly adaptable investment approach can rapidly customize product solutions for our institutional clients, including those with ESG and other restrictive or specific mandates.


Our products/solutions are available as separately managed accounts (SMAs) and currently include:  

Large Value

All Cap All Style

International Core

International Value

Completion Funds


Model Delivery

Custom Products

Business Meeting


Paradigm Asset Management's clientele is diverse with institutional investors of varying size, mission, culture and constituencies.   


Over the past 30 years we have served 65 of the nation's 100 largest pension funds.

Our attentive service, commitment to unique client needs, innovative investment approach and customization capabilities are among the reasons clients select our firm as a valued member of their asset management team.

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